Saturday, November 19, 2005

I Don't Get It...

Okay, so like I do every Saturday night, I've been listening to Country Gold Saturday Night on Eagle 106.7 out of Atlanta. Every hour on the hour, they do one of those brief, 90-second news bit, and each time they've talked about Bush's visit to China. Specifically, they talk about him going to church with some folks Sunday morning. Okay, whatever. Fluff piece, means nothing, but yeah, whatever. Odd thing is, they also mention how bitchy China is about religion, including noting that publication of any religious material is cracked down on in a note about Bush getting a Bible.

So, what I'm thinking is... is all this getting someone in trouble over there? Now, I don't put much stock in any religion, but I do think it's a huge dollop of jackassery to not let folks worshipper whatever fairy tale they so choose. I hope not, and I do hope the Bush people have taken measures to make sure the Chinese government doesn't give those poor bastards anymore hassle than they already have to deal with. No fan of Bush I, of course, and I'm not suggesting they don't... but I gotta admit, I wouldn't be surprised.

I also wonder what the Chinese government thinks about it. Again, no fan of Bush or religion - and the two mixed are plumb discombobulating- but I say fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Cool. They're playing Mel Tillis' "I Got The Hoss (She Got The Saddle)", and it's exactly what you think it's about.


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