Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Don't Have Much Evidence Of Anything, Actually

Blame it on Amanda at Pandagon. Then read the blog, it's pretty damn good. Anyhow, Ten Views I Hold Without Evidence:

10. Somewhere, if I just look hard enough, I'll find a message board/chatroom/comments section/whatever where politics and current events can be discussed and political ideologies can clash in a respectful yet passionate manner without either side ever bringing up something that happened 30 years that makes the other side look bad even though it has no connection whatsoever to anything at all going on today.

9. Eventually, a stable, active and, above all, influential political party will arise from the great unwashed that will focus solely on what affects the people rather than big corporations. It will remain untainted of "Big Money" politics and useless, empty "family values" hoo-hah. It will represent the interest of all Americans' basic human rights as put forth in the Constitution. And it will nominate candidates who don't come off as chat-room loons to the vast majority of the population.

8. A new network or national publication will sweep the nation with pure, uncut journalism. Reporters will stick to the facts rather than just swapping gossip, and pundits will explain but not opine. Stands, however, will be taken. This network/publication will recognize its role as watchdog of the public trust, and will not kowtow to the interests of advertisers or the well connected.

7. The broad scope of religious belief in this country will no longer be tied to the voices of hate and separation. Religions of all faiths will reject the idea of "us versus them", and will show the true power of their faith through their deeds and actions. No longer will "I'm a deity-fearing individual" give a person moral carte blanche.

6. Atheists, agnostics and other non-believers will no longer be seen as "lost" or "confused" or "angry". Like believers, they'll be judged on how they act on their philosophy instead of getting pity for not "know the Lord/Allah/Buddha/Bob/The Goddess".

5. Education and critical thinking will make a comeback. Teachers, researchers, theorists and other assorted persons will have to fight off promises of wild monkey sex from legions of admirers, and Sylvia Browne will have to get a job at a gas station. Anyone who ever says anything along the lines of "Well, the consortium of Science Industry CommieNazi Power Elite are just trying to suppress information on the wondrous gifts laundry balls can bring humanity" will be slapped good and hard.

4. One fine day, people will no longer worry about anybody's sex life but their own. All women aren't crazy, and all men don't think with just their respective tallywhackers. This new-found freedom from worrying about who is potentially boning who (and how) will eek out into the rest of the cultural sphere, bringing a new-found awareness of people as simply people, rather than "men versus women" or "straight versus not-straight", and people will cut that shit out.

3. Swamp Dogg is America's greatest living pop musician. Willie Nelson is probably a holy man and if not worshipped, he should at least be given all the free pot he can smoke.

2. Elvis is still the best there ever was. He rules, even in spirit, mightily atop an iron throne looking down from the jagged peaks of Mount Awesome, and one day, all will recognize.

1. This is the best shape humanity’s ever been in, but it ain’t the best of all possible worlds. Not by a long shot. That’s still to come.

But I have been wrong before.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on #8(a sane media outlet), and I'm sorta hopeful it will arise out of Air America. Not that AAR will become that outlet, especially with the asshole running it now, but that the success of AAR will embolden some center-Left big money, and make more AARs possible, in broadcast, Web, and print. My favorite fantasy is George Soros leading a group of investors and, instead of snarfing up a baseball team, they buy USA Today, and turn it into an all facts all the time paper. Yeah, I know, step away from the crackpipe, Dooz...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

#9 occurred (in its way) towards the end of the 19th Century, but that Progressive Party only floated one presidential candidate before becoming irrelevant and vanishing. What happened instead was the most popular aspects of their platform were adopted by both Republicans and Democrats, giving rise to the Roosevelts (and others).

- oddjob

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE #4

Can I recommend a book for you?

Maybe the Moon, by Armistead Maupin

He's the author of the "Tales of the City" anthology which was originally written for the San Francisco Chronicle. As a young man he was once a producer for Jesse Helms, back when he was a commentator at a North Carolina television station, but he ultimately moved to San Francisco and "came out" as a homosexual man.

I've only read this book once, years ago when a friend lent me a copy, but it has always stayed with me. I found the plot touching and insightful.

It's an unconventional heterosexual love story and beyond that I don't want to say too much more, other than I believe it dovetails really, really well with your thoughts in #4!

(ps: It's a quick read, even while being thought provoking.)

- oddjob

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