Sunday, January 01, 2006

Music For The Masses, Naturally

I'm not real sure if it should be held against them, as it might be the wishes of their label, but if this is for real, Coldplay is even wankier than I thought. Long story short, the band's new CD has been manufactured in such a way that it can't be burned or copied - though I'm told there's easy ways around that, generally involving a magic marker - and a DRM certificate included that sets some more restrictions.

Among other gems, the DRM - which is only visible after the CD jewel case is opened - notes "(t)his CD can't be burnt onto a CD or hard disc, nor can it be converted to an MP3". Also, because of the anti-piracy measure, the CD "may not play in DVD players, car stereos, portable players, game players, all PCs and Macintosh PCs." Why all the hubbub? Quality, of course. It‘s just to ensure the glassy-eyed drama queens that make up the vast majority of Coldplay's fan base get the purest whine possible. Sure.

Now. I'm not a fan of Coldplay by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I really have any venom for them. Call it a case of them just not being interesting enough to me to warrant a reaction. Still, if it's their doing, it's some serious Rockstar Bullshit, as bad as Garth Brooks' nonsenseconcerning used CD's back in '93. I won't defend illegally sharing files, but trying to tell a listener what he or she can and can't do after it's been purchased is the height of out-of-touch greedy jackassery. If it's the doing of Virgin Records, well, I wouldn't be surprised.
Thanks to Atrios


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